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    the rise of Dr Robotnik


    The Planet Mobius. Its a world, that is very similar to earth, But at the same time, so very different. Like, the earth it got humans, oceans, and many similar places. But Mobius, also got another type of creature that inhabits the planet. These creatures are called Mobians. They look, very similar to the Animals of earth, like hedgehogs, foxes, rabbits, and more. But, they walk on two legs, and act very much like humans. there are also, many other creatures on Mobius, that doesn’t exist on earth. But what kinda world is Mobius? Some, say its a planet in another galaxy. Some, say its another world, that exists in a different dimension. While other says its the earth over 2000 years into the future. We may never know. 


    But our story the city of Mobotropolis. As King Acorn Stands on the balcony and looks over the city. A young chipmunk Princess walks up to him. 


    «What are you doing here father?»


    «just looking over the city.»


    «Is everything okay?»


    «Yes, yes...nothing to worry about..»


    «Dad. Im 17 years old now. Not just a little kid, You can tell me, you know.»


    «Well...we have been living in peace for so long...I just wonder how long it will last..I just worry for my people...»


    «But, like you said, father we have been in peace for so long. Theres probably nothing to worry about.»


    «When your old enough, maybe you’ll understand.»


    «Maybe...But, father Elias is waiting at the dinner table, are you coming?»


    «yes, Sally. Im coming»


    But right before, King Acorn was about to follow Sally, he saw something on the sky. It looked small..but then it looked was something flying to the was coming very fast....It was a missile. 


    «SALLY!! RUN!!»


    But, then the missile hit the city, exploded many of the houses. Then he saw something that was following the missile. It was an army of robots, They flew down to the ground and started attacking people, And, taking them into huge pods, where they were trapped King Acorn couldn’t believe he’s eyes. Then he saw someone, flying in some sort of  hovercraft. And, then he saw who was piloting it. A huge man, with a mustache, and a evil grin.  


    «Sally, Hide..»






    Then, Sally did as her father said, and hide.


    «heh heh, I guess you must be the leader of this Kingdom»


    «And, I guess you are the one responsible for this attack. Who are you?»


    «HO HO HO!! Allow me to introduce myself, I am Dr Ivo Robotnik! The greatest scientific genius, in the world! This city and all its inhabitants, now belongs to me!»


    «I won’t allow, you to take anyone, in this city, to be your prisoner»


    Then, two robots, flew in and took King Acorn by he’s arms


    «Well, you see, Kingy, It doesn’t matter what you say, From now, on MY WORD is the law...Orbot!»


    Then a voice came from a communicator in the hovercraft


    «yes, Dr Robotnik sir?»


    «How, many have we captured?»


    «Almost everyone in the city. SOme of them managed to escape.»


    «Ah, it doesn’t matter. no, matter where they run, they cannot hide, HO HO HO!!! Now, then King. Its time to take you to my base then! While my robots start building the Chemical plant, here in the city. HO HO HO!!»


    The, the two robots flew away with King Acorn




    Sally, came out from her hiding spot, after she saw King Acorn taken away


    «Huh, What have we here then, a little chipmunk princess? heh heh, Robots, TAKE HER!!!»


    But, Sally, ran away from Robotnik, and to the dining room to get Elias, but he was gone. Then she ran to a painting, pressed a spot on the painting, and behind was a secret corridor, she went through it, and it leaded her, out of the city. She looked at the city, and saw that the whole place was destroyed. Everything gone. And, the robots had already started building something there. 


    «Father...Brother...I promise...that I will find you someday...»


    Meanwhile, Dr Robotnik had taken all the prisoners, to he’s base in the ocean. It was a huge platform. With buildings, weapons, and more. And, it was huge. Just as big and huge as a whole city. And, in one room, there was a chair, with lots of computer screens in front of it, and in the room, two small robots were waiting for their master. One, of them was round and red. he was called Orbot, while the other was shaped like a cube, and he was yellow. He’s name was Cubot, then Dr Robotnik, came into the room. 


    «Everything, went to plan, the Mobians, are captured, and the robots have already started building the chemical plant HO HO HO!!! Any other news?»


    «Well, sir. The robot factory, is complete, and its making more and more robots as we speak. And, the king is ready for your little experiment too.»


    «Good. Cubot, go and get ready to activate it, when I say so»


    «Alright, boss.»


    Two robots had taken King Acorn into a machine, and he was trapped in there, with no chance of getting out, then he heard Robotnik’s voice on a speaker. 


    «HO HO HO!!! So, King Acorn. Are you ready to be the first test subject, for my new wonderful machine? oh, doesn’t matter, Im gonna test it on you anyway! Behold! I call it a roboticizer. It can transform and living being, into a robot. And, the best part, is that you will end up losing your free will to me. Cubot, Activate it!!»


    «Alright boss!»


    Cubot, activated the Roboticizer King Acorn, then felt a huge amount of pain, through he’s body, as he was slowly transformed into a robot. it felt like every bone in he’s body, got broken, until he was finally turned into a robot. 


    «Now, then King Acorn. What will you say, about Me, Dr Robotnik?»


    «..Robotnik’s law...All hail Robotnik.»


    «HO HO HO!!! IT WORKS!!! Orbot, Cubot! Prepare every single Mobian, to be transformed!»


    «yes sir!»


    «heh heh heh, Nobody can stop me now!»


    Meanwhile. In a place called the green hill zone. There was something running. it was very fast. You could almost not see what it was. The one that was running at such incredible speed. Was a blue hedgehog. He’s name...was Sonic. 


    «Ah, yeah. another good day, at the Green Hill Zone»


    Sonic, Loved running in the green Hill Zone. Because of all the loops, and places he could run there. 


    «Well, better get back to Uncle Chuck then. Bet he is preparing some good chili dogs, now»  


    Sonic Didn’t just like running in the green hill zone. He was living there too, in a house with he’s uncle. And, there were 3 things Sonic liked in he’s life. Running, He’s uncle and Chili dogs. 


    Meanwhile, at he’s house, Uncle Chuck, Also known as Charles hedgehog, was preparing some chili dogs for dinner. 


    «Well, Sonic will be home soon now. I better prepare some plates.»


    Then, Something broke the door open. 


    «What the...»


    It was two huge robots, and they took Charles By he’s arms.






    They then flew away with Charles, and shot a small missile, at the house, blowing it up, Sonic had just gotten up a hill, and he saw it




    He saw the robots flying away with him, And he started running after them. But then, two other robots, flew right in Front of Sonic, both were armed with missiles, and weapons pointing at the hedgehog. 


    «Surrender in the name of Robotnik»


    «Robotnik? I don’t know who that guy is, but Im sure he is responsible for those other bots taking my uncle.»


    «Surrender, or we will fire»


    «Id like to see you try.»


    The robot then shot at Sonic, bullet had even hit him, Sonic was already behind him


    «Too slow»


    The two robots, then continued shooting at Sonic, but he was too fast for them, then Sonic Ran between them, and the robots ended up shooting each others. 


    «Heh heh. that was easy»


    But then Sonic looked around, and saw that the two robots who had taken he’s uncle, were already gone. 


    «Darn. Uncle Chuck, I promise that I will find you.»


    Sonic, then started running through the Green Hill Zone, to see if there was any trace of where they robots had taken Chuck to, but he didn’t find anything. Until, he saw a huge canister that was empty, and one robot was about to put a young fox into it


    «LET ME GO!!»


    The robots didn’t say anything and was about to put the young fox in there with the others. Sonic wasn’t just going to stand and watch this, he ran to the robots to distract them. 


    «Hey, hey Dumbots!!! You forgot one!!»


    The robots were about, to Shoot Sonic, But he jumped away, and dodged it. 


    «Hmm...Now, how was that move I was practicing the other day?» 


    Sonic, then curled up into a ball, and shot himself at one of the robots, breaking it apart. 


    «Wow..It worked...Hmm..I think I will call, it a Spin Dash.»


    «Behind you!»


    The young Fox yelled, cause behind Sonic, was a third Robot about to shoot Sonic, But thanks to the fox, warning Sonic, he managed to dodge the shot, just in time


    «Wow. Thanks, little guy!»


    Sonic, then made a Spin dash, through both the robots at the same time, breaking them apart, and freeing the fox. 


    «Wow. Thanks Mister. You saved my life. And that was cool. How, you beated those robots.»


    «thanks little guy. How, did they capture you.»


    «Ehm...Well...You see, I was living in the orphanage in Mobotropolis, until it got attacked by someone. I didn’t know, what to do, so I just ran. then, I got here to the green hill zone. I tried to find some help, until those two robots caught me.»


    «I see. Wait...»


    Sonic then saw something strange with the young fox


    «You got two tails!»




    «That is so COOL!»


    «Wh..what? You think its cool?»


    «yeah. Why shouldn’t it be?»


    «Well, its just that...Everybody, else have just called me a freak, and bullied me about it. nobody, has ever wanted to be friends with me because of it.»


    «Whats your name?»


    «Im Miles. Miles Prower. And you?»


    «Im Sonic. Sonic the hedgehog.»


    To be continued. 

So, begins the start of my Sonic series. The rise of Dr Robotnik.

Characters belongs to SEGA/Archie comics.
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